The 2 Year Old Sleep Regression

You might have noticed that your toddler who is around 2 years old has suddenly changed his or her sleeping habits. Your child was probably sleeping not less than 9 hours every night and all of a sudden, she is struggling to fall asleep, wakes up numerous times a night, or gets up very early. If that is the case, your toddler is experiencing the 2 year old sleep regression.

The good news is that this is very normal and temporary. Just like you made it through those sleepless nights with your newborn, you will also make it through the few weeks that your toddler is struggling to sleep well. There are several reasons that cause sleep regression. One of them is developmental advances. This is the age when you toddler is advancing in terms of his or her social abilities, language skills and physical abilities, and this can result in difficulties sleeping.

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