Test Management Tools: How They Help

In test management, there are a variety of test planning and test execution tools available. But which ones should you be using? This article will explore three ways test management tools will help your team get things done!

They improve time to market.

Time to market is a significant factor when it comes to testing management. Your team will be able to test more efficiently and move things through the testing process faster due to test management tools!

They provide real-time visibility into project status.

Test managers spend much of their time in meetings, emailing clients, managing schedules, talking with other teams about test plans. It’s challenging to provide test managers with the real-time visibility they need to stay updated on test schedules, progress and results. Test management tools help you get everyone on the same page so that your team is always up-to-date!

They increase test coverage.

These tools allow test teams to track testing activities across multiple projects, test runs, and test cases. Test teams can then use that data to identify gaps in test coverage, which allows them to create new test cases or retest existing ones.

To conclude, test management tools can improve time to market, provide visibility, and increase test coverage.

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