Sump Pumps Fail: The Informational Article

Sump pump power failure: Sump pumps are an essential part of a sump system. When they fail, the homeowner may face serious consequences resulting in significant water damage and costly repairs. As power failures are not uncommon, homeowners need to be aware of the top three reasons sump pumps fail so they can prepare before disaster strikes!

The pump sucks air: The most common way a sump pump will stop working is when it starts sucking air instead of water. This happens because dirt and debris have become clogged in the impeller blades of the sump pump. When this occurs, it is unable to push water out of your sump pit and must be replaced immediately before you are left with a flooded basement or crawl space.

a) First off, always make sure that nothing is blocking the sump pump from drawing in water by verifying that no debris or dirt has settled in the sump pump.
b) Secondly, if you have a battery-operated sump pump that has been run for an extended period of time without being plugged into an electrical outlet, always make sure that the batteries are still charged before running your sump pumps on backup power! If they cannot be recharged or you do not have a backup sump pump battery, then it is time to call us for sump pump repair!
c) Lastly but perhaps most importantly, always remember that sump pumps fail and should be tested every month. Although these three failure methods are the most common reasons sump pumps need replacement or repairs, there could still be other reasons why sump pumps are not working properly. This is why it’s important to call us for sump pump service if you notice anything off with your sump pump or if you would like an annual inspection of all the components in your home that help prevent basement flooding.

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