Stylish Panama Hats For Ladies.

Ladies Panama hats are originally from Ecuador. They are made through a process of blocking and weaving from plaited leaves of a plant that resembles a palm tree. Panama hats are light in weight and allow enough air to pass through. In the summertime, they are worn with linen or silk suit and therefore offering great protection from the sun.
To know the quality of a Panama hat, check the tightness and finesse of the weave and time used to weave. Some weavers may take a period of eight months to weave one hat, then it’s passed to another person who does the finishing work which also involves branding.
Panama hats come in different colors and designs thus giving a great sense of fashion style to best suit modern-day woman as they can be worn to different places like the beach, garden parties, and also glamour events. They are also foldable making it easy to carry.

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