Some Of The Characteristics Of Both ADHD And Aspergers.

Both Aspergers and ADHD affect how the brain develops and some of their signs are similar and show an early age. They both share some similarities such as nonstop talking, lack of focus on things that don’t interest them, and also difficulty in sitting still.

Boys are most likely to develop both these conditions as compared to girls. Some of the characteristics that can help tell the difference between the two are;

In ADHD they experience difficulties in learning, they have the need to play with everything, they are easily distracted which leads to forgetfulness, they are not patient, and also involve rough playing.

For Asperger’s they normally don’t engage in non-verbal communication, are unable to understand other people’s feelings, lack rhythm when talking, they also lack some developmental milestone skills such as catching or bouncing a ball.

When a parent or guardian notices some of these signs in their child, they should consult with a specialist, so that the child’s behaviour can be monitored so as to be able to come up with a proper diagnosis.

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