Soft Solar Panels – New Advances In Solar Energy

Soft Solar Panels can be made out of flexible materials to allow the use of roll-to-roll, direct contact, or spot-to-spot contact solar cell technology. Flexible solar cells are typically composed of poly-crystalline or monolayer cells, and both are engineered to gather sunlight and transform it into viable energy. Flexible solar cells aren’t that much different from standard ones in terms of purpose and function, except that they’re slightly thinner. The ease of installation and placement makes it even more efficient.

It is important to install these solar cells in an area that receives direct sunlight during the daytime because, during the night, they will not be able to generate power. Some manufacturers, however, have developed special types that can be installed on all types of roofs.

Since soft solar panels can be rolled onto any surface, most homeowners are now installing them on their roofs. Although they look more like traditional panels, they perform like them as well.

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