Sleepless, Overtired Infant Chronicles

Overtiredness in an infant can be defined as a condition that lies between tiredness and exhaustion, that is, extreme fatigue. This condition can make a baby be crankier than usual as the infant has no better way of expressing itself.


Some of the common overtiredness triggers involve:

Intestinal discomfort.

This is not caused by underfeeding, but rather overfeeding. Overfeeding is a common factor which bothers their gastrointestinal tract leading to discomfort, and overtiredness.


Immaturity of the nervous systems causes infants to be overly sensitive to rather normal environmental conditions like loud noises and lights. This causes lack of sleep leading to overtiredness.


Yawning, lack of eye contact, autonomic signals like hiccuping, body stiffening, and severer latching difficulties.


Dimming the lights, playing white music or none at all, avoid eye contact, rocking the Overtired Baby to sleep.

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