Selling Property In New Zealand

Selling property in NZ is a complicated process. It’s not the same as selling property in other countries because of how it operates. This article will cover some key points to selling your property in NZ, including whether you need an agent and what to do when selling or buying land.

– You can sell your own house without having an agent if you are selling for less than $250,000 (NZD)
– There are many different types of transactions that happen with residential properties – leases, sales, mortgages, etc.
– When selling any property, the seller has to fill out a Notice of Intention form, which includes information like who owns the land and when they purchased it. This has to be submitted within 14 days of selling the property.

If you are selling property in New Zealand, there is no better time than now! The housing market in New Zealand has never been more attractive to buyers.

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