Rooftop Dining Athens: Have A Romantic Dinner For Two!

When you are looking for rooftop dining Athens, the rooftop at Piraeus is one of your best options. This rooftop restaurant in Athens has a romantic atmosphere that will be perfect for your next date night! There are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself here, so grab your date and come on down!

What can I find on this rooftop?

There are tables with views of the sea, as well as gardens where you can enjoy your meal outside. There is also a bar for those who would like to start their night out early before dinner! The menu has delicious items that will make dining here worthwhile. You can choose from starters like grilled octopus or lemon risotto; salads such as Greek salad and spicy Mexican salad; entrees including spaghetti bolognese and chicken curry; pizza; desserts; wine/beer/spirits (€0-40); coffee drinks (€0-15). When it comes time for dessert, try one of the homemade cakes like strawberry or chocolate cake!

Piraeus Rooftop Bar & Restaurant is the perfect place to have an intimate meal for two. It is located right in the heart of Athens.
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