Roasted Garlic Seasoning Has Many Uses

There are dozens of ways to season your food. With the right herbs, spices, and other ingredients, you can turn an otherwise bland meal or snack into something delicious. Roasted garlic seasoning is especially versatile and can be used on a number of foods. It works well on meat, vegetables, and even sprinkled over popcorn for a delightful treat. When it comes to using this fresh and flavorful seasoning, don’t be afraid to get creative.

In addition to the popcorn, you can also sprinkle it on a bowl of warmed nuts. It will taste good stirred into mashed potatoes or on top of a baked potato. You can use it to marinade meat and fish and it tastes great on top of something that’s been recently grilled and is still smoking hot. Add it to soups, salads, and stews. You’ll find you reach for it as frequently as you grab the salt and pepper.

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