Restoring Old Photographs Revive Memories

Photographs are permanent records of events and people from a certain time and help to revive memories. Old photos, unfortunately, fade due to the sunlight, moisture, and the air they are exposed to. UV light breaks down the pigments and dyes that make up the photograph.

Fortunately, it is possible in this digital age to restore old faded photos so that the images are brought back to life. You will require a high-quality scanner and software that allows you to edit the photographs that are faded.

The photograph that requires restoration must be scanned at the highest possible resolution so that you can capture all the details. The image must then be opened in the photo editing software.

Crop the image to remove any evidence of damage that occurs at the edge of most old photographs. You can then repair the color, brightness, and visible contrast problems. There is software that can do this automatically for you, but the most satisfactory results will be from adjustments made manually.

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