Reasons To Watch Killer Whale Cape Cod

Cape Cod has been renowned for ages to house one of the world’s most famous whale’s destinations. This proves the existence of vast sea life existence in Cape Cod. Here are the reasons to watch killer whale Cape Cod.

Holds the world-famous whale population

Killer whales migrate between April and October to Cape Cod, searching for schools of various types of fish. Stellwagen Bank is one of the whales populated in Cape Cod.

Holds a variety of whales

Different types of whales move to the area annually. An example of the species that visit the area is finbacks, orcas, and pilot whales.

Have a diverse assortment of sea life

There are four hundred and fifty species of animals existing in this area. This vast population involves whales, turtles, seals, and dolphins.


Cape Cod has a very long history as an ultimate destination to watch whales. These and some other factors such as boat rides and the fact that the tour guides are knowledgeable make this area a hotspot to watch whales.

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