Reasons To Use Online Android Buy Back Services Now

There are many ways to make money from your old devices. The demand for these is high enough that you could possibly sell them directly to interested end-users online. However, this can be a bit risky as you are never sure if they will actually pay or if they are scammers. For safety, you might opt to send it back to the manufacturer or the carrier if they offer their own buy back programs. The problem is that they might be selective about the models with trade-in value. Their valuations may not be the best either. Instead, you could use online Android buy back services now for the following benefits:

Convertible to Cash

Unfortunately, some manufacturers and carriers will only provide in-store credits in exchange for old devices. This severely limits what you can do with the money you got. Effectively, they are going to get it back so they didn’t really lose anything through the exchange. You are forced to buy something from them with hundreds of dollars of payment. This is not an issue if you are aiming for an upgrade anyway. If not, then you should probably look into buy back sites that actually pay in cash or its electronic equivalent.

Transparent Rates

Buy back sites typically publish their rates on a monthly basis so you can check how much your Android phone is worth right now. Some might value your model higher than others to look around. Get quotes from at least three sources. Be aware that these values generally trend downwards at a steady rate. The longer you wait to sell your device, the smaller amount you are likely to get for it when you finally decide to move. You will also increase the likelihood of damage which will further reduce the appraisal value of the device. Sell it right away.

Price Lock

Most people want to use buy back services to get funds for an upgrade. Or, at least, have the assure that they can lower their cash outlay overall. Those checking the trade-in prices are unlikely to have the replacement yet. People might hesitate to sell right away because they have nothing to use in the meantime. Sites solve this with a price lock scheme that freezes the trade-in value for a certain period such as 30 days. This gives owners a chance to get a new phone, transfer the files, and make other preparations before sending it over without incurring penalty.

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