Puppy Tail—An Essential in the World of Puppy Play

A puppy play tail plug is excellent for plugging the butt of your human-canine and improving your scenes of puppy play! See your lucky pup wag their tail as they try to please you, or spin the plug around so the bottom is between their legs!

The smooth material and tapered tip allow easy penetration, and for pups who can’t take too much in their butt, the size is excellent. The material bends tightly but flexibly with the natural contours of the fuck tunnel of your pet to enable greater pleasure. To slick up before insertion, use silicone or water-based lube and clean after use with mild soap and warm water.

Puppy play tail is essential for your plays; your pup needs it to identify and stand out of the pack. Even if your pup does not want to be plugged, there is no taking away the fact that they need it.

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