Photographer Article: Advertising Photography Los Angeles

Advertising photography Los Angeles is a form of commercial photography that’s used for advertising products and services. Photographers are known for their ability to capture the best angles, lighting, background, and mood for their desired client’s product or service. It is also about capturing the perfect moment in time that grabs the attention of viewers.

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Photography in Los Angeles is a growing industry with the need for new, fresh ideas. Advertising agencies and clients always want to stand out from their competition by using different concepts within advertising photos.

Photographers can make anywhere from $75-$300 per hour, depending on the experience level and urgency of the project. Photographers also often work together with other specialists such as stylists, hair & makeup artists, retouchers, etc., which means you’ll have to add their costs into your budget when determining how much money you want or need to spend on an Advertising photoshoot.
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