Pasco County Jail Bail Bonds: Here’s What You Need To Know

It’s not easy to get out of jail, but it can be done. When you or someone close to you is arrested and charged with a crime, bail bonds are often the easiest way for them to go free again. Here are three important points about Pasco county jail bail bonds that everyone should know:

1) Pasco county jail bail bond companies will typically only consider bailing an individual out if they have been accused of committing a serious crime- so if your loved one has just been arrested for writing graffiti on the wall in their favorite color pen, they’re probably going to stay in jail;
2) Once you’ve paid for the service of getting your loved one released from jail, the company is legally allowed to retain the bail amount if your loved one misses a future court date;
3) Bail bond companies work 24/7, so if anything happens after hours, they’ll still be there for you.

You don’t have to pay the full amount upfront – it requires that only 10% is paid first. The other 90% will be spread out across 12 months in installments until the total value has been met.

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