PADI Divemaster Training – Becoming A Certified PADI Diver

PADI Divemaster training is the ultimate beginning of an exciting career in professional diving. There are several courses available to become a certified PADI diver, and the most popular one is PADI divemaster training. A diver can perform in an emergency underwater; he/she must also navigate breathing apparatus, operate scuba tanks, select appropriate clothing, and perform other necessary tasks underwater. This training prepares you to dive with rescue or injured persons. There is a limit to the depth you can dive and how many dives you can make in a day, depending on your certification level.

PADI Divemaster training is the first step to professional diving skills. To become a certified diver, you need to complete a two-hour introductory PADI dive master class. Then you need to complete two hours of advanced PADI divemaster training, both on land and in the water, before becoming a certified PADI diver. This course includes classroom learning, group activities, and hands-on practice using PADI open water and PADI advanced open water courses. Once you have completed this PADI beginner diver course, you will be ready to register for your PADI advanced open watercourse.

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