Nitrile Gloves Are Perfect For Many Tasks

The protection of the hands with gloves is important when carrying out many tasks and also provides more hygienic conditions. These gloves are largely used by medical personnel, laboratory technicians, housekeepers in hotels, food handlers, product inspectors, and also can be used in the home while cleaning or gardening. You will find many other people in other professions also using gloves for better protection and to ensure sanitary conditions.

Here is where nitrile gloves have become the gloves of choice as they are ambidextrous, and can provide the needed protection, especially for skin that is sensitive. These have a textured finish, that is free of powder and non sterile. These gloves have a great resistance to fats, chemical solvents.

These gloves are made from synthetic rubber and being latex free are ideal for use by people who have an allergy to latex. They provide an excellent grip when holding wet objects, are stronger than latex gloves and more flexible than vinyl gloves.

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