Never Forget Your Sunglasses Again

Let’s face it. If you wear corrective lenses, then outdoor activities (especially on very sunny days) can be a real difficulty. Many times you are forced to carry multiple pairs of glasses or even clip on tinted lenses with you just to be prepared. Having to remember to take your extra items is a chore in and of itself and unfortunately you may not even realize you forgot them until you are driving down the road and blinded by the sun light. Luckily, new transition lenses remove all of these variables. With these lenses, you can simply put on your normal pair of corrective lenses and rest assured that inside you will be able to see everything as crystal clear as you would with normal glasses. Outside however, you can see where the magic happens. These lenses will automatically transition into a dark tint to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation while still offering all of the same vision correcting features you need in a pair of prescription lenses.

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