Need Of Wirelss Nurse Call System

Wirelss Nurse Call System is a new technology for access control, voice communication, and video surveillance of the hospital building’s interior areas or any private residential dwelling. This system can be installed within minutes and provide twenty-four-hour monitoring and surveillance. There are various models offered for the customers, according to their needs and budget constraints. They have several advantages like easy installation, low cost, and easy access by anyone using wireless technology. Some models offer twenty-four-hour monitoring and surveillance with a keypad, LCD screen, touch screen, and digital color-coded entry and exit points through which the patients can be monitored.

In every healthcare setting, life safety is of prime importance. Long-term care facilities provide safety for the patients and their family members, particularly during difficult periods and between normal operations. As per the latest statistics, the number of elderly people has been increasing steadily. Many elderly people suffer from various medical conditions, and some may even be bedridden. A good long-term care facility should have an integrated Wireless Nurse Call System for patient tracking, surveillance, and access control with video surveillance equipment.

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