NDIS Housing Facility And Services

The New Disability Integration Service or NDIS housing collaborates with the government, private sector, and non-government organizations to provide a platform for individuals who experience long-term disabilities to access necessary assistance in living. The primary goal is to give the individual the ability to live independently and avail of a wide range of needed services in their day-to-day living. The concept is similar to that of the Personal Independence Disorder Act of PID but has a much more far-reaching objective.

The government’s primary focus is to ensure that disabled persons can access services that would help them maintain and improve their living standards to one day return to everyday life as fully functional members of society. Apart from that, the network’s assistance is also geared towards promoting job security for these persons.

Although there are currently a handful of other institutions offering similar services, it is believed that this initiative’s success is only possible with the additional support of private foundations and the government.

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