More About Cannagar Mold Kits

Use your creativity to make newly shaped cigarettes. Go for cannagar product as it has the right size and an elegant look. Here are ways to use cannagar mold kits.

Mold storing

Remember to store the cigarettes for around 12 hours before lighting them. Get a cool spot to place them after they are pressed. Besides, inquire from the cannagar sellers about the right methods to store the made cigar.

Flower packing

A cannagar mold kit has space for flowers. Ensure that your kit is complete since incomplete kits might confuse you. In addition, avoid using a lot of force on your kit as you can misplace the flower.

Cigarette rolling

Flowers ought to be left for some hours before they are rolled. Use the right methods to roll cigarettes to avoid accidents while smoking. Additionally, add wax and wooden tip to keep your lip safe while smoking.


Making cigars using cannagar is easy and economical. However, gather details about the right procedures to use when making cigarettes. Beginners should work with an expert for their safety purpose.

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