Knowledge Management: A Guide On Getting Things Done

A knowledge management process is a systematic approach to organizing, managing, and distributing knowledge.

1) Why is this important?

It is an essential component of today’s business environment. It can improve productivity and efficiency by reducing time-to-market (TTM), the amount of time between when something needs to be done and when you do it. The faster TTM your organization has, the more competitive your company will become in its respective field since you’ll have a greater capacity to take on projects without losing speed or wasting resources along the way. This means this management allows businesses both large and small alike to achieve higher profits than those who don’t use knowledge management practices at all – pretty powerful stuff!

2) What are its benefits?

– faster time to market
– greater profits for companies and individuals alike
knowledge sharing and storage can be accessed by employees throughout the company, not just in one department or division. These things mean you won’t have to reinvent the wheel every single time a new project comes up since it’s all laid out before you on your KCMS platform
– saving both yourself and your employer from many potential pitfalls down the road! In addition, if someone leaves an organization, their knowledge doesn’t go with them; they’ll still be able to access everything they need through other means such as email should they choose to continue working somewhere else after leaving their current position.
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