Keep Track Of Salaries With Zoho Books Payroll

It is necessary for businesses and organizations to keep record of the salaries they pay to their employees. An effective software is needed to manage this process properly and efficiently. Zoho Books is one such software that keeps track of everything related to the payroll. This simple solution ensures all employees are paid on time and exactly what they have been promised. The software keeps the records of the salaries, payments and taxes. The Zoho Books Payroll is a must-have to keep track of salary related activities in your organization.

Just make sure you record the payments and taxes properly in the required fields. It is not necessary to put this information every month for regular employees. The payroll management system offers automatic calculation of salaries, deductions, taxes and other payment details. Managing payroll activities becomes easier after using this program. It syncs payroll and accounting. Payroll expenses are recorded under the Expense account while tax liabilities are recorded under the Liability account.

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