Introduction To Pet Columbariums

A pet columbarium is a place for pet owners to bury their pets. After the pet has been cremated, you can place its remains in one of these structures or containers. This article will introduce pet columbariums and provide information on how they are different from traditional burial sites.

1) The purpose of a pet columbarium is to provide pet owners with a place where they can visit their pet’s remains. Pet columbariums are different from traditional burial sites because they require the pet owner to purchase or rent an urn for their pet, which is then placed in the structure of choice.

2) What it looks like inside. Pet owners can choose from a pet columbarium that is more like an urn or one that looks more like a garden. In the first case, since pet remains are buried inside the pet’s urn, it typically sits on top of a pedestal inside the structure. It may be adorned with some sort of sculpture or pet portrait. In the latter case, pet remains are buried underneath a memorial and usually surrounded by plants and other pet-appropriate decorations such as pet toys or pet food bowls. Pet columbariums can be made of marble, granite, metal (typically bronze), stainless steel, cast resin, or fiberglass.

3) How it differs from other burial sites such as pet cemeteries. Pet columbariums are much smaller than pet cemeteries and do not provide plots for gravesites. Instead, they often consist of a small building with individual urn spaces inside–similar to how human remains may be stored at an above-ground crypt site. These pet columbariums can be found at pet cemeteries and pet crematorium sites.

To know more, contact your local pet columbarium company.

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