Insight To Editorial Model

An editorial model is one who represents a brand, product or service for magazine prints. These models need to present the dress, jewellery, idea or look in a way the designer or advertisement is trying to display. Its a great opportunity to initiate the career in fashion modelling to start from editorial modelling in magazines.

The models needs to express the ideas from their photographic pictures and not from words. The running trends of beauty and fashion are promoted by pictorial story. It is a prestigious profession as the model defines the trending fashion that is to come in market in nearby future. Years and months old editorial modelling pictures in old magazines showcase the yet to come trends of that time, honouring that prestige to the models to launch the brand in their unique styles. These models are expected to turn the styles as a chameleon as they need to portray every new trend of fashion. The criteria for being an editorial model are very specific as they are the face of that brand they portray for. They must fulfill all the requisite specifications of height, weight, features and postures to qualify for magazine shoots.

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