Inexpensive & Portable Colortrac Scanners

Do you need a Colortrac Scanner? Maybe! Colortrac scanners are inexpensive and portable. They allow you to save time and get accurate color matching on site. These scanners can scan products, clothing, artwork, or any other item that needs to be matched for color. Read this article to learn more about these Scanners!

1) What do these Scanners look like?

They are an intuitive design with a compact footprint of only 12″ x 13″ (30 cm x 32cm). It doesn’t require an external power supply because it is powered by your computer’s USB port, making them perfect for small workspaces where outlets may not exist, or access isn’t available, allowing the user the freedom to work anywhere!

2) What are the benefits of this scanner?

These scanners can be used for small business marketing materials, fine art reproduction, or any other project where accurate color matching is critical!

3) How much does it cost?

It starts at $599. Colortrac uses the latest Epson Scanner Technology to ensure you receive only high-quality, accurate results!
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