In a world where Puppy Tail Matters

  Even if some pups despise it, every pup requires a human pup tail. A tail placed virginally or anally can give a human dog a canine sense of self, allowing them to wag like a real pup to express their identity the best way possible.

The puppy tail is made up of a variety of materials, including high-grade silicone. The puppy tail is a long-lasting puppy toy that you will enjoy for years.

Unlike lower-grade silicone, which may include chemicals that might burn a puppy’s sensitive arse; certain brands use the highest-grade medical silicone available, giving comfort and safety that will keep your pup’s tail wagging for hours.

Establishing your pup’s identity is critical, so do it! You don’t want to be left out when others create the perfect pup experience—your pup will never forgive you if you decide to neglect this most important part.

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