Importance Of Anti Bribery Pakistan Law

Anti Bribery Pakistan is a tool being used by the government of Pakistan to fight corruption and money laundering. Bribery is a major problem in Pakistan, where businessmen and other politicians are appointed to various posts and receive large sums of money for doing favors. Those appointed to the posts do not need to have any other qualifications and can easily buy influence over the decision-makers of the state. This is why graft cases are very high in Pakistan.

The main aim of using anti-bribery laws in Pakistan is to protect the interests of ordinary citizens from being influenced or corrupt by anyone in the public sector. According to the law, bribery is an act of giving, promising payoffs in exchange for some influence over the business decisions of the government or of a private individual.

The main aim of using this anti-bribery policy is to eliminate corruption in the public and private sectors.

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