How To Use Moisture Balance

Moisture balance is used to test the moisture levels in food products, chemicals, wood, soils, pharmaceuticals, grains, and sludge. Product quality is determined by the moisture content in a product, and this is done by checking the weight of the dry product compared to the original weight. The difference between the two is what shows the level of moisture.

Using Heating Elements – Tips

Use two halogen lamps, or a circular one in order to cover more of the surface area. These types of lamps are perfect for products or samples that need accelerated temperature while drying.

Ceramic heating elements get to the desired temperature quickly, which ensures that heat is evenly distributed over the whole surface.

Infrared heat dries super quickly compared to halogen lamps.

It will only take a few seconds to dry a product in a microwave, but be sure to control the heat when using this method.

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