How Nurse Call Systems Operate

Nurse call systems generally use pagers or wireless phone systems. In general, pagers and wireless phone systems are the main handheld communication tools used by nurses today. If a nurse’s call sign is connected to a pager system, the attendant can initiate pages from their computer or the patients themselves. Wireless phones are mostly used for sending and receiving messages between the nurse and the patients. The phone also provides the nurse with a way to send a text message for urgent medical conditions. Most call systems also include a fax machine, email, voicemail, and voice mail.

The call systems have evolved considerably over the past few decades. In the beginning, the phones and pagers were bulky and awkward to carry with a patient. Today’s newer systems are small and sleek, which makes it easy to carry. The pagers have been replaced with touch screen displays, and the old pagers are now a thing of the past. The new systems allow for the caller and medical ID access. The paging is also customizable, and you can dial from any keypad on the system.

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