How Does A Movie Theater’s Barcode Work?

How does movie ticket barcode work? You may have seen the little black strip with white lines if you have ever been to a theater. This is called a barcode, and it’s pretty cool! The movie theater will scan this barcode at the door, which tells them that they need to charge your credit card for the price of admission. How does this process happen? Keep reading to find out more about how movie theaters use these nifty little codes!

How does it work?

Theaters use barcodes to keep track of tickets and moviegoers. When you buy a ticket online, the website will email a unique barcode printed or shown on your phone when scanned at the door by theater employees. This way, there is no need for people to carry their tickets in with them; it’s all stored digitally! Theater owners print out these codes and place one above each seat in the theater that they sell tickets for. For example, if someone has an aisle seat (seat A), then above their head would be two barcodes: one for seats B-C and another for D-E.
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