How Commercial Carpet Cleaning Prices Are Different

When comparing carpet cleaning prices, be sure to get an accurate cost per square foot, as the customer will be charged for any carpet cleaning job. If you do a price per square foot comparison and find that your local service has prices that are above the national average, then it may be time to consider switching to someone else. The customer may pay a lot less per square foot than you do now, but you are paying for outdated information, and there is nothing wrong with upgrading to reflect current, more accurate information. The best companies in the industry often update their prices periodically, so you should know when you should look for the latest price per square foot information.

You may also want to check to see if your local service offers more than just the standard commercial carpet cleaning prices that are listed above. There are two basic types of cleaning methods, and many companies offer more than just one. First, encapsulation cleaning is when hot water extraction is used to remove soil and stains from carpets. Second, dry cleaning is when the carpet is vacuumed only, without the use of a wet cleaning solution. With all of these different cleaning methods, there are many differences in costs, depending on which method is chosen.

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