Guide to Sexting Well during Quarantine  

There is no doubt that most people’s horny levels were high up  during the quarantine season. So many of these folks didn’t give hot sexting a change when COVID-19 struck, but now, they’re embracing it in their numbers—hot sexting has been saving lives since time immemorial.

According to a survey conducted by Drexel University, most adults have sexted before, and everyone is receptive to it. You may get a long way with hot sexting—maybe even some nude swapping—but you must respect the process.

If you’ve been flirting and someone tells you they miss you, it’s the perfect time to slip into hot sexting. The same goes for any statement that says they wish you were close to them—saying they’re cold, or wishing you could eat the shallot pasta they prepared.

The Quarantine season should not disrupt you. Take your sexting game to new heights.

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