Game Played In A Quality Escape Room Waikiki

Holiday trips should not be just about spending time in hotel suites and taking walks to the beach. Hawaii offers the best escape room services for tourists. The following are the games you can play in a good escape room Waikiki.

Secret Sabotage

In this game, you have boarded a train together with other stowaways who want to use transportation for sinister reasons. The technician asks for your aid to help fix the brakes that have been cut by other stowaways.

Patient Fifty-Seven

You have been a victim of illegal tests to perfect human mind control. In between an emergency evacuation, you are required to break out of the facility.

Armory Ambush

You are a soldier captured together with your fellow soldiers in a bunker belonging to the enemy. Your captors are planning a mutiny, and your task is to follow the rebel soldier’s instruction.


These games are safe to play, especially with the safety measures put in place. They provide valuable time for people to have fun and bond with each other.

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