Exploring Whatsapp Sexting 

WhatsApp is a great sexting app. For easier back and forth, you can send and receive messages on your laptop. GIFs, stickers, photographs and videos are also available, so you have plenty of options.

Sexting via WhatsApp could start with some playful teasing—and if she responds similarly, that’s great. Jumping to the end may not be a good idea. Just as sex starts with foreplay, whatsapp sexting follows the same route.

You need to take the plunge once you have reached a point with a woman where it’s appropriate. In general, start slow, hinting at the subject, to make sure she’s open to it. You don’t want to try Whatsapp sexting while she is sitting with her dad on the sofa, do you?

The excitement and tension of slow and steady escalation are enjoyed by women, even more than men. The better you get at this, the better you will be!

When both of you are into whatsapp sexting, the activity can be so much fun. You can also share pictures, ask sexual questions and try out your fantasies.


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