Executive Functioning Coach: What Is It?

Executive functioning skills coach: What is executive functioning? What are executive functioning skills? These are two questions that many people ask themselves and cannot find the answers to. Executive functions help us get things done and can be improved with executive functioning coaching. This article will discuss executive function skills, what executive function coaching is, and how it can benefit your life!

1) Executive functions allow individuals to produce a desired goal or outcome, such as completing a task successfully.
2) There are six executive function skill categories: organization, time management, planning/prioritizing, self-motivation, the flexibility of thinking/problem solving, and working memory.
3) The three most common types of executive functioning coaches include career coaches who focus on improving an individual’s executive functioning skills to be more successful at work, executive coaches specializing in executive function coaching for children, and teenagers who may need help with executive functions due to a learning disorder or neurodevelopmental delay such as ADHD, and personal executive function coaches who help individuals improve their ability to self-manage by improving time management skills.

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