Eliminate The Frustration From Breadmaking With A Sourdough Online Class

Sourdough is arguably one of the most delicious and popular bread types available. Making it, however, can feel like an arduous and complicated process, especially if you lack the necessary starter. Enrolling in a sourdough online class will help you learn how to make fresh, crusty loves with ease. Best of all, you’ll get all the guidance you need for creating beautiful, active starters that you can use, renew, and keep for all time.

If you have never made bread before, you’ll learn how to work with yeast without killing it, how to store it at the appropriate temperature, and how long to wait for your bread or rolls to rise among many other things. Your instructor will teach best practices for kneading and shaping your loaves, the best baking temperatures, and the best baking tools to have on hand. You can even learn about making sourdough breads with non-traditional flavors and flours, braided loaves, soup-bowl shaped loaves, rustic loaves, and more.

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