Drum Lifter And Dumper – Functions, Safety Measures, Advantages

What are Drum Lifters and Drum Dumpers? Drum Lifter and Drum Dumper are tools that are used for handling drums. These tools can be used in various industries, including waste management, manufacturing, recycling, etc. This article will cover three main points to know what these tools are and how to handle them safely.

What are the functions?

A drum lifter is designed to lift the drum from one location into another. In contrast, a drum dumper is designed to empty the contents of a drum into another container or onto the ground. This article will explain what they do and how to use them safely.

What are the safety measures?

They are used for handling drums that contain hazardous materials. When using these tools, you should follow specific safety measures, like wearing protective gear, working with the right tools, and doing the job under safe conditions.

What are the advantages?

There is a lot of types of Drum Lifter and Dumper. They are designed to make the process of handling drums more efficient, safer for workers, lessens damages that can happen with mishandling or chemical release in case of an accident. Drum lifters can be used to handle drums that weigh up to 100 pounds (45 kg). Drum dumper makes it easier for workers or inspectors who need access to the inside of a drum where there is no direct opening.

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