Dolphins Look Forward To Seeing You In Queensland

A dolphin swim experience starts with a group meeting in a crystal clear swimming area. Expect to meet animal care specialists who will teach you about the habits and behavior of dolphins. Find out how they communicate and build relationships. You have a chance to interact individually with dolphins as you learn their personality.

Join graceful dolphins swimming in the blue waters of Queensland. It is an experience that you will never forget. Coming face to face with sentient creatures can also be a spiritual experience. Imagine coming into contact with smooth, slick, and wet skin. Feel the touch, like some peeled, boiled eggs. To shorten your bucket list, we will help you choose the best places to swim with dolphins in Queensland. You can go to the sea or aquariums, depending on your preference.

We are pleased to welcome you to paradise. We have modified the dolphin experience during the pandemic. So come with face coverings and maintain social distance.

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