Dive Bomb Into This Drink

Shots maybe one of the best way to ingratiate yourself with a new coworker or friend that you haven’t been out with yet, but there is always the question of what type should you lead with. If Vodka is your poison then one of the best vodka shots you could order is a kamikaze.

Kamikazes are a citrus-filled blast of equal parts vodka, orange liqueur, and lime juice. They are vibrant and not too heavy when trying to keep the party light. Not only that, but they are awesome drinks to make you look like someone that can truly cut loose. So if making first impressions are key then a kamikaze could help to make you seem lively and fun.

Finally, there is one key factor that almost everyone forgets about with selecting a shot to have with friends, and that is that kamikazes taste good. No one wants to go out with their friend to drink bad drinks. Diving into a kamikaze is a great way to break the ice.

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