Different Specialty Telehealth Services

There are many types of Specialty Telehealth Services available to meet the needs of physicians, therapists, and other healthcare professionals that require in-home consultation, diagnostic testing, therapeutic services or equipment, as well as emergency care. When physicians are seeing patients more frequently from their offices rather than from hospital emergency rooms or primary care facilities, specialty clinics, and health centers are an increasingly important part of the healthcare delivery process.

Telemedicine has created new ways for people to access health information and care more quickly and safely than ever before. Because so much healthcare communication is now conducted through the Internet, specialty providers can provide patients with the information they need via video teleconference, phone conference, or online portal, which is much faster and easier than sending documents by fax, email, or phone. Specialty Telehealth Services offers the unique ability to combine technological innovation and clinical expertise to increase efficiency while maintaining patient care quality.

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