Crucial Professional Bunker Play Tips For You

Golf is a major sport played worldwide by people of all ages. To play the game like a professional, you need to consider some aspects of the game. Here are some vital bunker play tips for you to become good at the game.

Branden Grace

This is a simple tactic in which the player needs to have a mental picture of the shot to be made. Then, you need to select a position just a few inches from the ball and strike while accelerating.

Luke Donald

This strategy utilizes the bounce of the ball appropriately. As you make your shot, be careful not to make the club’s edge hit the sand.

Eddie Pepperell

You need to be aware of the correct way to return your club to hit the ball appropriately. To remove the ball from the bunker, you need to hit it with a sixty degrees angle.


Golfing is a unique sport that requires a lot of focus and practice to perfect the skills. As such, have enough patience and regularly practice these tips to become a professional.

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