Crazy Requests at the Strip club

While strange things can happen in a strip club, some of the bizarre requests clients have made are undoubtedly startling. Strippers are sometimes expected to do a lot more than remove their clothing — but it’s not what you’d expect. According to one dancer, a man paid a lot of money to sniff her butt, and all she had to do was bend over and give him a quick whiff.

And some of these wacky favors aren’t quite sexual. Another stripper had a frequent customer who searched for lint between her toes instead of doing lap dances. He’d keep paying fortunes until he’d exhausted his options. She received a $100 tip after leaving some lint between her toes for him to find. It’s like a toenail gold mine.

Some of these requests are not regular, and you may find them offensive. But calm your nerves; the club can get crazy sometimes. Click here for more info.

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