Challenges Facing Disc Golf For Kids

Disc golf is a sport where players throw a target at each other. It follows the same rules as that of golf. A golf disc is regarded by many as a co curricula activity to be played during leisure time. Below are challenges facing Disc Golf for Kids.

Generating Spin

The first challenge kids have while learning to play disc golf is how to generate a spin. This is due to the diameter and size of the disk.

Generating Release Velocity

Another common challenge that kids feel is generating a spin that moves a longer distance to hit the target. This challenge is attributed to the weight of the disk.


A golf disc is generally cheap but finding the right disc that suits your kid may increase expenses. Also, it is expensive to pay for your kid’s training.


Disc golf poses some challenges to kids, but it’s a good game for kids. However, these challenges can easily be solved.

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