Can Car Rubbing Polish Make Your Vehicle Shine

Over time a car’s paint job can fade and become dull. Rain, snow, direct sunlight can all have a negative effect on your vehicle’s paint and finish. While you could invest in a new paint job, they are often very expensive and can cost more than the car is worth if you have an older vehicle.

If your vehicle has minor scuffs and scratches and is dull and faded, a car rubbing polish can help restore the paint to a bright and shiny finish. Using a rubbing polish prior to applying high-quality car wax can remove the dull layer of paint and bring out the shine in the paint below.

Rubbing polish contains a small number of abrasives to remove a fine layer of your vehicle’s paint. By removing this fine layer of paint with rubbing polish, you can eliminate scratches and other imperfections in the paint.

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