“Booster Pump” – What You Need To Know

Booster pumps are often used to improve the performance of existing septic tanks. They help raise the water level in the tank, which reduces pressure on your system and prevents overflow. There are many different types of booster pump systems to choose from, so you must take some time to learn about them before making a purchase decision.

There are three types of Booster Pumps: Centrifugal, Rotary Vane, and Screw-Type

A centrifugal pump uses centripetal force to increase fluid flow at high pressures by accelerating liquid outward from its center as it rotates around a cylindrical drum or vane rotor inside an open impeller housing.

A rotary vane pump uses an offset rotor with vanes to generate a vacuum as the fluid enters and causes the rotor to rotate inside its casing, creating centrifugal force on the liquid, which increases pressure for pumping action.

Screw pumps use a rotating helical screw blade that engages both sides of each pocket of fluid between the blade and an opposing surface. As the screw rotates, it pulls or pushes fluids through a process known as “screw conveyance.”

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