Best Tips When Weaning A Toddler

A toddler is a very young child who still relies on its mother’s milk for survival. It is recommended for any born child to be weaned for a particular duration of time. This promotes the child’s general growth. Below are some best tips when weaning a toddler.

Proper nutrients for the mother

A mother needs to feed on a balanced diet every time. These are because food taken does impact the quality and the quantity of milk fed to the child. Hence a mother needs to feed often to increase milk produon.

Proper Schedule for weaning

A child needs to be weaned to promote his or her physical and cognitive development. Hence a mother needs to adhere to the stipulated weaning schedule. Moreover, as the child grows up, she can combine breastfeeding with some soft and healthy meals.

Avoiding Lethal Substances

A child’s health is very significant, it indeed determines its future growth and development. During the weaning period, a mother needs to shun away harmful substances like alcohol and cigarettes. This negatively affects milk output. This may induce child-related ailments.

In conclusion

Mother’s milk carries a wealth of nutrients. Hence a toddler needs to feed on it fully to improve body immunity and personality growth. Adhere also to supplementary outlined weaning guidelines for the health of your toddler.

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