Automated Transcription Can Ease The Burden Of Transcribing Speech

It is often necessary to transcribe speeches, conversations, and other verbal communication in order to have a permanent hard copy of what has been said. Transcription is a process that allows this to be done and can be done manually or through software.

An automated transcript is a process that uses software, basically, speech recognition technology that allows the voice to be converted into text. Artificial intelligence is used for this and requires the software to listen to data-sets that have already been converted and build large enough data banks to be able to recognize all forms of the spoken word.

AI tools cannot recognize context and will have difficulty understanding words spoken with a heavy accent. Words in a foreign language can also cause spelling mistakes. Errors can be as high as 12 to 15 percent and greatly affect the quality of the transcription. They will require the transcripts to be proofread before converting them into documents.

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