Audiometry Baseline Testing Gold Coast

Audiometry baseline testing is a test that assesses the hearing ability of an individual. Audiologists are experts in this type of testing. They can determine if there are any deficits or abnormalities with regards to hearing. Audiometry is also used to diagnose conditions such as tinnitus, which is when you hear noises without being exposed to external stimuli. Audiometric tests can be carried out at either your local GP clinic or through specialist audiologists. This article will look at how Audiometry baseline testing Gold Coast works, what it entails, and who should be done.

What is this about?

It is a hearing assessment that allows your Audiologists to establish your level of hearing thresholds. This is achieved by exposing you to noise at different frequencies and intensities, which will enable them to see how much sound it takes for you to hear sounds such as speech or beeps from an Audiometer machine. Essentially, this type of Audiometry tests your ability to perceive Speech Recognition Thresholds (SRTs). SRTs involve determining the quietest intensity. We can detect or recognize 50% of auditory signals with our ears alone. The results give us information on how sensitive we are when listening under ideal conditions and without distractions.

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